1. Blogging

People who are interested in writing content can set up their own blogs using online platforms like WordPress.org, Tumblr, Gator, Squarespace etc. and thereby can earn money from home.

2. Freelance content writer

Being a freelance writer you can offer your writing services from home to other companies and blogs and thus can earn success.

Apart from this people with profound knowledge in specific matter or subject can write e-books. Some publishers allow free publishing while others charge a meager amount. Thus if somebody is not interested in freelancing can go for writing e-books and thus can earn a share of the income accrued.

3. You Tuber

The social networking site allows anybody to create an account free of cost. There you can create video content and share it with people and thus earn money based on the number of subscribers and viewers. Uploading a video content requires a mobile phone, computer or some other technical instruments easily available.

4. Educational platforms

People with profound knowledge of subject matter and required qualification can get themselves registered with educational platforms like Unacademy or Byju’s and can teach millions of students and people from home.
For registration one requires to send a video of teaching to the concerned platform and have to complete the prerequisites for the same. It is a great source of earning from home.

5. Social Media Influencer/ Manager

People with major influence on social media are using this medium since ages and are strengthening their influence overtime so as to offer their services to brands that are looking for influencers to promote their services or products.

Moreover, you can also manage social media accounts for other business entities and corporations.
Thus you can earn money by being a social media influencer or manager.

6. Seller on e-commerce sites

People with creative minds can sell their creativity on sites like eBay, Amazon which may include doodles, paintings, crocheted items, handmade decors etc. thus you can earn money for your creativity and earn huge success through such online e-commerce platforms.
In addition, you may also sell your used books and earn more money so as to make more.

7. Virtual assistant

People can also start a Business to Business (B2B) business where they can handle various tasks of the concerned clients online from home.
So thus they can work as a virtual assistant and earn money.

8. Tutor

You can also work as a tutor and can teach students at home.

9. Web designer/ Graphic designer

You can work as a graphic designer and can use some free cloud based tools to create graphics for companies or clients if you have a good eye for design.
Also, you can work as a web designer and offer services with the help of free sources.

10. Tax Filling and Preparing

People with financially sound knowledge of taxes and finance can help companies and clients in filling their tax returns and norms. Moreover, they can also assist in tax related financial matters from home via online.

11. Designer

If you are a good designer then you can upload your designs for shirts, T-shirts, and other products on sites like CafePress wherein you can register and create a free account.
Thus you can earn money when those products are purchased by customers.

12. Data entry provider

You can also work from home for clients and business entities and provide them with data entry services. Thus in return, you can earn money.

13. Event planner

Highly organized people with event planning and management skills can work as event planners. You can build your contacts and organize office parties, birthday parties, wedding planning, reunions, etc.
The more you organize the more it will help you to build up a strong database and contacts. Thus by event planning, you can earn money.

13. Travel booking service

You can also help out people in booking travel conveyance and can charge money accordingly. You can also build contact with tourists’ sites and work as a travel booking agent from home.