1. CodeAcademy

This learning platform enables you to learn free programming sessions to help you learn programming languages like HTML, JAVA, Ruby, PHP and CSS etc. one of the great advantages is that you can save your progress as you go with a free account.
In addition, you can create your own interactive website.

2. HubSpot Academy 

This is a free certification program that offers courses on inbound marketing. This also includes website optimization, and lead nurturing which is a must have skill to grow business and online advertisement.

3. Skillshare

It’s a huge learning platform for creators and contains over a thousand online classes on design, business and more. The platform will allow you to learn specific skills from the hundreds of videos available in the community.

4. Moz

It is a paid service platform but t has a free academy also. This online platform enables to learn search engine optimization to increase online presence. Besides this it also provides with webinars and beginner’s guide.

5. Busuu

Busuu is one of the world’s largest education website for learning languages. The platform allows you to connect with native speakers and learn one of the 12 languages. It’s available on tablet and mobile also.

6. LearnVest

The platform offers finance classes. Apart from this it also offers classes on building money and budgeting.
There are both paid classes and free classes. There are really interesting courses like “Home Buying: A Guide to Getting Prepared” or “Boosting Your Money Confidence in 2015”.

7. EdX

This is a free platform that provides over 300 courses on various topics. This platform helps in learning key business and other skills required for setting up a startup.

8. Khan Academy

The platform was created to give everyone access to education in science, arts, technology and more. There are over 100,000 interactive exercises to put your education to practical use. In addition there are numerous courses on taxation and accounting which are crucial for entrepreneurs to have a command on.

9. Coursera

Similarly, this site has some 114 educational partners that provide free courses to almost 10 million users. One of the advantages of this platform is that it provides courses on specific niches, such as “Data Management for Clinical Research” and “Innovation for Entrepreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace.

10. OpenCulture

The platform collects and shares free resources from around the web. It contains some 150 free online business courses and offers classes from iTunes U and other lessons. In addition it also contains free audio books, certificate courses and other online courses.

11. YouTube

It is a great source and platform for learning. There you can find videos on numerous areas. The greatest advantage is that it is a free resource for learning.

12. Alison

The platform offers free online from some of the most well-known names on the internet today, including Google, Microsoft, and Macmillan. It covers topics such as economic literacy, personal development and business/ enterprise skills.

13. Saylor

The foundation offers tuition-free courses and also works with accredited colleges and universities to offer affordable credentials.

14. TED

It is one of the most inspiring and learning platform for entrepreneurs. Here, incumbents can learn from people who share their experiences and can utilize their strategies in an efficient manner.

15. Tuts+

This is another huge education online website. It also offers various topics and thousands of the courses.

16. Lynda

It is an online education company offering thousands of video courses in education, the web, design, business and much more.

17. Skillcrush

It is an interactive online learning platform for thinkers, and makers. For startups this is a great platform to look for resources with regard to design new products or start a new venture.

18. Podcasts

Even though it’s not an official course, podcasts are an amazing (and easily digestible) way to become a better entrepreneur. Podcasts can be listened to via streaming on your computer (if that certain podcast offers it) or via iTunes for iOS and apps such as Podcast Republic for Android.