AttainU is a scalable college alternative, focusing on high-quality, industry-aligned learning outcomes, targeted towards highly motivated individuals looking to get into high growth careers.

About the Course:

1. Full-Stack Web Development Course

2. No Coding Background Required

3. Pay after placement Model (with a small registration fee) – High Ticket

4. Live-Online Interactive Classes with Mentor and Teaching Assistance support 

Biggest problem faced by AttainU:

AttainU already had a marketing system created by an agency but their cost per lead and customer acquisition was increasing day by day.



1. After analysing the funnel we figured out that there was no human contact till the funnel is complete. Also, there was no lead nerturing to the move the potential customers forward.

2. We redesigned the whole marketing funnel with our digital ecosystem and ran a campaign after 2 months of extensive work.

3. We were able to drop the CPL from INR 150 to INR 40. Also, CAC dropped from INR 7.5K+ to INR 4K.


About the Project and Work.

When we started, the Website was on Wix and the company was only dependent on Facebook Ads and the cost per lead was continuously increasing.

I Audited the website and lead funnel and also spent a lot of time in optimizing the funnel to reduce the operational dependencies of the company.

After optimizing multiple things and creating new landing pages, We launched our campaign. The CPL dropped from INR 150 to INR 40 (average across all campaigns) as the approach was multi channel and focused on building trust among the visitors which dropped the CAC (cost of acquiring customers) from INR 7500+ to INR 4000.

The bounce rate also significantly dropped from 70+% to < 12% (which also helped us in getting lower CPL price)

I have also worked on content generation, management and marketing which helped in building a community for AttainU.


On page SEO for AttainU

WOrked on multi channel marketing

USED Social media and Email marketing to target People who followed our Brand

Cost per lead dropped from INR 150 to INR 40.


Created video ads to improve the CPL

Attainu Ads


Website bounce rate drop


I am Vaibhav, Co-Founder at AttainU.

Ajay has worked with me for a long time in shaping Marketing vertical at AttainU. He is hardworking personnel who takes his work seriously and aligns himself quite well with the mission & vision of the company he works for. After getting on board, he soon started handling all the marketing activities at AttainU. He worked on FB, Instagram, Google, Quora, & Linkedin Ad Campaigns, and also worked on improving the SEO of He has handled a budget of approx 10 Lakhs at AttainU. 

Some of the important results we achieved through his skills are:

  • He helped in getting Facebook lead cost down to INR 40 which was earlier continuously increasing day by day. 
  • The website Bounce rate dropped from 70+ % in Jan to less than 12 % in April.
  • He did a significant job in improving Customer targeting and setting Digital Ecosystem which helped AttainU to get lesser CPL.
Vaibhav Bajpai

Co-Founder and COO, AttainU


The cost per lead was continuously increasing on Facebook Ads. We needed to optimize the CPL and find out new channels to acquire new people. As the CPL directly affects the ROI.


After website audit i suggested changes to optimize it. And also worked on multiple channels to acquired more people. I worked on both Online and Off-line platforms and launched the campaign.


The hard work paid off and the results were like: 1. The Cost per lead decreased from INR 150 to INR 40 (approximatly).  2. The bounce rate decreased from 70+ % to < 12%.

Work Done!!

Social Media Management 

Performance Marketing (Paid Ads)

New Marketing Channels

A Proven Process Time & Time Again

The cost per lead was increasing drastically for the Facebook campaigns. And there was no alternative way to acquire new leads. The website speed was slow and and the bounce rate was high, after multiple optimizations the bounce rate dropped significantly. 

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Deepam Cabs

Deepam Cabs

Deepam Cabs

Deepam Cabs is one among the best and trusted Taxi & Cab Services brand based in Bangalore, India. It is the fastest-growing company in Bangalore and expertise in providing great Taxi Services since 2007. Deepam Cabs have a wide variety of fleets to choose from such as A/C & Non-A/C Hatchback, Sedan, Toyota Innova, Tempo Traveller, Swaraj Mazda, etc. at the best prices available in the market.

The top services provided by Deepam Cabs are:

1. Bangalore Airport Taxi Services

2. Outstation Cab services from Bangalore

3. Holiday packages 

4. Corporate Cab services, etc.

The biggest challenge faced by Deepam Cabs:

The company was facing major growth problem as they were spending a lot of money in performance marketing but their ROI (return on investment) was negative. The company was spending more money then they were making in return.


1. The company was just focusing on aquiring new customers but they were not able to get returing customers. So we created the whole marketing ecosystem for the company to get positive ROI.

2. We helped the company by improving their conversation rate by working on the landing pages and advertising campaigns.

3. In the long term strategy, we worked on the Search engine optimization to generate organic traffic and worked on customer retention process for Growth.

About the Project and Work.

Helped Deepam Taxi services with Digital marketing of the company:

1. In a span of 6 months ranked 2 different websites of the company for High volume and high competition keywords:
A. Increased website traffic from 3.5K to 36K+ in just 6 months for
B. Increased website traffic from 0 to 18K+ in 6 months for

2. Increased organic bookings by 50% in a span of 6 months

3, Improved Brand visibility and increased brand lift by 200% within 6 months.

4. Improved Google search campaign conversions from 3% to 9+% in just 2 months.

5. Planned a full-fledged marketing campaign for the app launch.

Optimized the website for Mobile

Work on full fledged SEO of the website

Improved the Paid Ads conversion ratio from 3 to 9+%

worked on website's UI/UX


Worked for 6 months with the brand

Percent Organic Booking Increased

% Brand Visibility and Brand Lift

Organic Traffic Increase

Ranked some of the most competitive keywords in the niche and skyrocketed the organic traffic on two different websites.


The company Deepam Cab services Private Limited already had a Website but it was continuously loosing its organic customers due to continuous google updates. So the company appointed me for the project.


I created a plan and planned short term and long term goals. So I started working on Utaxi and a new domain

I was focusing on Google Ads for short term and SEO for Long term strategies.


The conversion rate in Google Ads was low because of Broad keywords used so i started optimizing them. Also, i found out the top keywords by doing keyword research. And ranked all the listed keywords within 6 months.


Work Done!!

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Performance Marketing (Paid Ads)

Optimized the  Campaigns

A Proven Process Time & Time Again

The Company was continuously loosing its business due to regular updates of Google’s search engine. The objective was to get short term conversions from Google Ads and work on the company’s long term objective of organic SEO conversions and full fledged marketing plan for the company’s upcoming app.

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Showcase India

Showcase India

Showcase India

Showcase India is the first 3D interactive platform for made in India products. The mission is to provide a 3D E-Commerce B2B portal to the Indian manufacturers and promote “Make in India” initiative by promoting “Made in India” products. 

Showcase India believe that content is not limited just to images, text or videos there are other possible ways in which the information can be seen and received. And, one such way is the 3D content through web. The promise and peril of web based 3D technologies; manufacturing industry sector is on the verge of a new dawn with large and significant benefits.

Showcase India is the best marketplace for Indian manufacturing industries that help manufacturers to trade with each other, find quality products, showcase designs, generate trade leads, find manufacturers, suppliers, exporters & international buyers. 

The biggest challenge faced by Showcase India:

The biggest probelm faced by Showcase India was that the team of Developers and innovators was not able to come up with a go-to-market strategy for their innovative products for Indian manufacturers.



1. Our team at Invincible Lion spent a lot of time in understanding the SaaS product and how its going to cater the end user.

2. We found out that its one of its kind of 3D web technology product with AR/VR intergation. So, firstly we needed to generate demend for the product in the target market.

3. We created an ideal customer avatar for the product and tested the initial marketing setup with small segments of audience. After finding the first winning set of audience we scaled the campaign.

4. After testing the product with our Initial customers, we were able get high paying clients for the product. 

5. Currently the platform have 400+ manufacturers listed and all of them are paying on a yearly subscription model to generate qualified enquiries.

About the Project and Work.

We started the Digital marketing of the brand Showcase India which is the first 3D interactive platform for MADE IN INDIA products and built its go-to-market strategy. I also worked with the company’s clients to aid their digital marketing initiatives.

Within a period of 11 months:
1. Ranked keywords on Google’s first page for a newly launched website. i.e. despite having heavy 3D files on the platform. Ranked some important keywords for the company’s clients also.

2. Created a go-to-market strategy for “Showcase India” and landed some of the top industry leaders as their clients like Volvo, Global 3D, Fractal 3D, Ace Micromatic, etc.

3. Managed performance marketing campaigns (Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook) to generate regular leads for the company and its clients.

4. Optimized the workflow in the company for faster completion of projects, I managed end to end process from lead generation to project completion.

5. My main contribution was that I took the company from Zero to One. I researched and understood the problem, the market, and the process flaws. Then I helped the company to hit the market with an inbound campaign strategy that worked and helped the company to stabilize.

Built a community and email list

Improved the project workflow in company

handled overall digital marketing of the company

Website audit and recommended changes


Worked for 11 months with the brand

Manufacturers moved to 3D product

Digital marketing & Brand building


Advity Infomedia is pioneer creating 3D content and showcasing it on the digital platforms where people can interact with the products. Showcase India is the marketplace to Showcase those products.


The Idea behind Showcase India is to showcase Indian products in 3D on the web. I helped Showcase India to build their go to market strategy and the website structure to start with. And we launched the website with some initial products.


In starting, Showcase India’s website was not built for scale. So, we analysed the website and the market and i suggested a lot of changes that the company can adapt to scale the Showcase India marketplace to its B2B customers.

Work Done!!

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Performance Marketing (Paid Ads)

Company’s Clients Management

A Proven Process Time & Time Again

The challenge for Showcase India to define its go-to-market strategy for its Unique platform. And i built the strategy to acquire more clients for the brand’s paid services. I leveraged Content strategy to get Manufacturer’s attention and this took the company from Zero to One.

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Adventuresome (Footslogger Private Limited) specializes in organizing trekking, hiking, biking, exploration events, outdoor and adventure activities for travelers. I co-founded the company in 2016 and build the startup from scratch and led it for more than 2 years.

Biggest Challenge faced by Adventuresome:

The biggest challenge faced by my first company was that we didin’t have any Business and Marketing experience. Entrepreneurship is challenging and that is the what entrepreneurship is all about.

But we needed growth, because I wanted to make it a successful venture in Bangalore city.


1. Instead of fucusing on likes and followers we needed customers who will pay. And this is the biggest mindshift shift that you need in your 1st startup venture.

2. We needed a website to build trust in the potential customer, so learnt and built a website for Advanturesome.

3. Started learning marketing and organizational skills to get customers and provide them the best services in the market.

4. Built a Digital ecosystem by hit & trial and by learning from different online mentors. I applied all the learnings on my business which helped me to grow my first startup venture.

About the work and Growth:

  • Started Adventuresome and learned a lot of personal and professional skills.
  • Build the brand presence of Adventuresome and sailed through the red market of Adventure Travel startups in Bangalore.
  • Got equipped with leadership qualities, organizational skills, and advanced digital marketing strategies.
  • Improved my research skills, management skills, marketing skills, interpersonal skills through the exposure of endless possibilities that I got while leading Adventuresome.

1. Started Adventuresome in October 2016 – An Adventure Travel company
2. Incorporated the business in Oct 2017 as Footslogger Pvt Ltd.
3. Served more than 1500 people directly and around 10000 people through online mediums in a span of 2 years.
4. I worked in all the domains that were needed to build a startup. Website building (using CMS), Digital Marketing, Accounting, surveys, vendors collaboration, team handling etc.
5. Trained 20+ people (Team members and Interns) in Digital Marketing.

The startup was completely bootstrapped.

Travelers served around the world

Digital Marketing & Brand Building


I traveled to a lot of places in my college days and found that its not an organized sector and there is a huge potential that needed to be addressed. So i started Adventuresome.


I had no idea about business and marketing and operations as i was not taught any such thing in my college or anywhere else. So i started learning and implementing things.  


After multiple hit and trials i cracked the sales funnel and started getting paid customers. Soon we started organizing regular events from Bangalore. Initiated B2B partnerships and scaled.

Work Done!!

SEO (search engine optimization)

CMS (Zyro, Wix and WordPress development)

Payment gateway integration (Instamojo)

Focus Groups (Meetups and Facebook)

Social Media Management and Marketing

Performance Marketing (Facebook and Google Ads)

Referral Marketing and Word of Mouth (Brand Building)

Trek Lead (Leading teams of 5 to 50 people during treks)

A Proven Process Time & Time Again

The process is to continuously learn, adapt and apply. And i have learnt that by simply starting a business without any prior experience. The spirit of learning and evolving took me to my entrepreneurship and digital marketing journey. 

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