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More than 3000 Film and NFT enthusiasts are part of MovieMafia community.

Anand Kumar

Movie Enthusiast | Bangalore

Transparent and trustworthy platform for movie enthusiasts.
I Was amazed to know that now I can co-produce my favourite movies and also make Money.
I loved the commmunity and the NFT tokenization process by MovieMafia.

Amazing Features

MovieMafia Platform is full of exclusive features for Co-Producers of all Sizes.

Secure NFT Ownership

NFT is minted on a Blockchain. Its history cannot be altered or deleted. 100% Trustworthy System

Transparent Profit Sharing

We disclose asset performance with the co-producers and share a portion of the profit with them.

Project Details & Regular Updates

You get regular updates on the Movie dates and your Co-Owned Movied growth on our platform.

Exclusive NFT Collectibles for Everyone

Exclusive NFT Collectibles is a vision of a future where everyone has the opportunity to collect, own and trade unique Digital Assets.

Community Engagement & Future Plans

We regularly connect with community members to build relationships, identify and address issues and make decisions that help the community.

Start with as low as ₹2500 Only

You don't have to be a millionaire to get started and earn from Movies you love. Your Fractional Ownership journey can start with as little as Rs. 2500 only.

Make better Movie Co-Producting Decisions

Diversify your portfolio with MovieMafia Fractional Ownership platform.
Own NFTs that generate wealth.

Become a part of ₹ 200+ billion Movie Industry

The size of the Indian film industry grew to over 200 Billion Indian rupees in the year 2023. 

MovieMafia Benefits

Why work with Us?

Diversify Your Portfolio with Film Co-Ownership

Diversify your portfolio with MovieMafia and become a part of this thriving Industry.

Low Entry Barrier: Start with just 2500 Rupees

Anyone can start their journey and become a co-producer of a Movie. Start Now.

Earn Passive Income as a Co-Producer

When you co-produce a Movie, you typically earn a share of the royalties that are generated from the Movie.

Exclusive Access to Movie Premieres

Collaboration opportunities & Invitations to Movie premieres and Film festivals in near future

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Get to know about the process of Movie making and connect with your favrouite stars at their best.

Be Part of the Excitement of Filmmaking

Other exclusive community perks & benefits for NFT holders in near future. Become a part of this opportunity.

How it Works?

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

MovieMafia is a decentralised platform which allows users to hold fractional ownership of movies. You can now co-produce a movie and be part of the evergreen entertainment industry.

MovieMafia enables film makers to raise funds by selling NFTs representing specific portions of a movie’s budget. Thus providing a more efficient way to raise funds but also offering greater control over the movie. Users who buy NFTs become co-owner of the movies with exclusive rights towards all benefits and revenue share.

The Platform is ready, we have 4 movies lined up and you can start investing in the 1st Movie

We support Movies, Web series across all nations & languages. Expect an expansion across the world in near future.

MovieMafia team vets and validates the movies based on the commercial and general elements such as content, Director and Producer track record, Commercial value of the projects by various buyers, market conditions & release dates and then forms a legal partnership with the production house to ensure the NFT buyers get their share of exclusive rights and revenue share. After all the legal obligations are met, the NFTs are then listed on the platform for our community. However, We are working to decentralise this part and expect in near future.

Yes, you can buy NFTs of multiple movie assets. You will be able to manage all from the Movie Mafia platform.

Yes depending on every individual asset and the total fundraise a permissible limit will be set in order to avoid monopoly and ensure complete diversification of the ownership.

Yes, the partnership, terms, ownership split everything is legally bound.

From the legal point of view, MovieMafia Brings in best of the legal professionals to make the documentation’s and Legal Procedures to secure all IP Related Financial benefits is directly brought and tagged back to the assets we produced and distributed to NFT owners.

Users can buy NFTs using INR at present, soon users will be able to make payments using Cryptocurrencies.

  • Fractional ownership of Movie assets
  • Potential financial returns
  • Invitations to Movie premieres & Film festivals in near future
  • Collaboration opportunities in the Film Industry in near future
  • Other exclusive community perks & benefits for NFT holders in near future

Movie Mafia platform will be facilitated with a dashboard to view all your assets & performances.

Our core team is based out of Bangalore, India and working on expansions.

Yes, you will be able to trade your NFTs (the ownership of movies) on marketplaces in the near future.

Once the movie is released/before release, there are a lot of IP Rights Sale happens in the market including Music Rights, TV Rights, Dubbing Rights, OTT Rights, Distribution Rights. All of this will be collected, Audited and Transferred back to NFT holders

  • Principle : For Example 1000 USD is a total NFT Value
  • Profit : Film Brings back 2000 USD per NFT Means 1000 USD is a Profit
  • Thinqsense Management Fee: (MovieMafia Fee) (1000* 20% = 200 USD is platform fee)
  • Community Participation Fee: From management fee of 200 USD, 50% is a community participation fee ( i.e 100 USD)

Ownership Risk Disclosure includes the best possible efforts to make it work and beyond controls and there is a chance the movie may fail. This is beyond the best efforts by the MovieMafia team, Producers of the film and the community efforts. In this case we will be returning the capital recovered according to the equity participation.

  •  Feasible option to raise additional capital
  • Access to HNIs & Institutional investors to raise funds
  • Early validation and Support from the community
  • Simplified financing process
  • Access to unlimited passionate individuals and talent pool

As per Indian Govt Notification VDA’s such as Crypto and All related activities comes under AML(Anti Money Laundering), To enable the person making purchase,We are working towards enable this via third party solution provider such as Polygon ID/QTXR/Any Identity Solution provider (A Tokenised ID Platform)

Website is best usable with laptop and chrome browsers. Metamask extension with chrome browser is easy to use and secure. Very soon we will be coming with mobile app which suppots multiple wallet supports.

In no way are we associated with Facebook or Google. Once you leave Facebook/Google the responsibility is no longer on any Google or Facebook-owned entity. Your privacy is 100% secure and will NEVER be shared. 

All of our terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for our services and website can be accessed via the links below. We feel transparency is important and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity.

© MovieMafia 2023 | FAQ | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Risk Disclosure

1) Is Movie Mafia a registered company with MCA? YES, and including the assets is registered under MCA

2) What is the legal name of the company? THINQSENSE INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED

3) What is the company CIN number? U72200KA2019PTC123297